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The End

The island of Poq was small compared to most inhabited islands, but this island was different in many ways. Poq's largest and only city was Memo. The city of Memo was located in the hilly part of the farthest northern corner of the island. Memo was a great trade center in that small unknown part of the world. It had livestock trade from the nearby island of Quo, which was a very flat island with only a few small hills. It also had grain trade for the more distant island of Wrat, which had many steep slopes that had been carefully terraced.

The people of Wrat were secretly envious of the people on Poq, because they didn't have any flat places where they could herd their animals. They were tried of growing grains; they wanted to be like the people of Poq.

The Fids; Fa, Fe, Fi, Fo and Fu were kind people who lived in a small cottage near the edge of the great town of Memo. They had all the things the could ever want. They had good jobs and a very nice home. Fa was the father; he had worked hard for many years to save enough money to build their home. Fe was the mother; she also worked hard taking care of their three children. Fa worked as a goat herder in the plains of southern Poq. He had to leave early every morning but he came back early too. Fi, Fo and Fu usually did good in school and their parents were proud of them. They all loved their home and had lived a very happy life until one day.

It was late one moonless night when it happened. The evening before was Fo's birthday. He was nine. The whole family had celebrated with a big cake and lots presents. Even Fi and Fu had a good time. Most brothers and sisters don't enjoy the sibling's birthday party. After the party was over they went to sleep. The whole town was asleep for they had no reason to be worried, they had never had any fighting and they were not expecting to ever have any. So as the town slept, invaders from the Wrat came in and started to set the town on fire, then hurried to their boats and left rapidly. Instantly, the whole town awoke; there was nothing they could do but watch the town burn to the ground, for they had never planned for such a disaster to occur on their peaceful island.

The Fid's home like all the rest was destroyed. Their life, like all the others, would never be the same again. The town never could rebuild its self back up to its previous height even with the gracious help from the people of Quo. They had suffered a great loss that could never be erased from any mind of any living thing being of that time. The people of Wrat never thought that they could cause such a terrible thing to happen, but it did and they were disliked by all the people of all the islands in the small part of this big world we live in.