Greg Mote
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A path with two branches off the left and two off the right (like an X). Referred to as near left, far left, near right and far right. Each scene has different lighting to indicate different locations.

When a coat is changed, the coat is reversed. Other shoes are held in the coats.

Scene I discovery of other life and relating to it one's self

Abe black coat

Bob gray


{Bob walks in from the near left path, Abe walks in from the far left path behind Bob. Bob has

walked half way and Abe has walked one quarter of the way...}

Abe {to Bob who hasn't yet noticed him yet} name is Abe.

{Abe and Bob stop}

Bob {turning to Abe} I'm Bob.

Abe {walking up to Bob} You are the first person I have seen all day, I was thinking that I might be going the wrong way. Three days ago, I met a man who had been walking these trails for years. I asked him where this path lead and he didn't know. Do you know?

Bob {after a pointless pause} No.

Abe Why are you walking this way?

Bob Because I know what lies at the End of the Trail and I believe that the journey will be worthwhile.

Abe That is the same idea that I have. It makes sense, but I have always had my doubts about whether I will ever get there.

Bob {putting on a black coat} I have had the same doubts.

{they walk off to the near right.}


Scene II discovery of new knowledge

Cal gray

Dob white shoes


{Cal walks in from the near left, Dob walks in from the far left just behind Cal. They continue

to walk until they meet at the middle of the stage where they stop and face each other}

Dob {holding out a hand for a shake} Dob's the name.

Cal {shaking it cautiously} I am Cal.

Dob {still shaking Cal's hand} Been walking long?

Cal {pulling away} Yes and I have seen a lot of interesting things along the way.

Dob {interrupting} I have seen my share of things. Once I met up with a fellow who was going the other way and said that he had seen the End of the Trail. I didn't believe him for a minute, he didn't look any different than anyone else and I believe that if anyone were to ever make it to the End of the Trail, they would come back changed.

Cal I have seen that type and they bother me in that they never can offer any substantial evidence that they have been there. Sure they can say that they saw the Great Merge, but everyone knows that it is there. They say that they have seen the Other Path, but that too is known to everyone.

Dob I understand what you are saying, but I see no need to get physical evidence, all the necessary evidence will be in the way the person looks.

Cal {putting on black shoes} I just can't accept that, it doesn't make sense to me.

{They walk off to the far right.}


Scene III merging of several ideas

Abe - black coat grey shoes

Bob - black coat grey shoes

Cal - grey coat black shoes

Dob - grey coat white shoes


{Abe and Bob walk in from the near left, slightly ahead of Cal and Dob who walk in from the

far left. They meet in the middle}

Abe {to Cal and Dob} Hey! I'm Abe and this is Bob.

Dob {shaking Abe's and then Bob's hand} I'm Dob and this is Cal.

{Bob and Cal shake hands reluctantly}

Abe I have been walking these trails for years and am hoping to someday find the End of the Trail a valuable discovery. Bob and I have been walking together for several days now and we have come to the conclusion that this path definitely leads to the End of the Trail and we plan to walk until we are no longer able. Right Bob?

Bob Definitely.

Dob The walking is clearly the only way to get to the End of the Trail. {putting on a black coat} But why we are going there is still not clear?

Cal I see no need for this discussion, it is obvious that we are going there and we have been for a long time, so why should we stop. It would mean a lot of wasted time.

Bob We are here now and are walking that way. {point off to the right side of the stage} But beyond that, I am not sure why we are walking or even whether we will ever get to the End of the Trail.

Cal {thinking deeply too} Uh.

Abe I've thought about it for quite some time now and I really don't see how it could be any other way.

Cal {putting on a black coat} I can't see any other way either.

Dob It will all work out in the end.

Abe {putting on white shoes} I agree with that.

Cal I can't accept that without some evidence.

Abe That proof will come when we reach the End of the Trail.

Bob {putting on white shoes} Abe has a good point there, Cal.

Cal {starting to move on} We had better get moving, if we are ever to reach the End of the Trail.

{they all walk to the far right}


Scene IV introduction of alternate opinions into an established group

Abe - black coat white shoes

Bob - black coat white shoes

Cal - black coat black shoes

Dob - black coat white shoes

Eli - white coat grey shoes


{Abe, Bob, Cal and Dob enter from the near left and Eli enters from the far left slightly behind

the others. They meet in the middle}

Eli Hello everyone.

Dob I'm Dob, this is Abe, this is Cal and this is Dob. {pointing as appropriate}

Eli My name is Eli.

Abe We have been wondering about why we are walking to the End of the Trail and we concluded that going there is the only way to find out.

Eli My goal is to get to the End of the Trail. I am still unsure about what is there, but I know that it is where I must go.

Cal {putting on a grey coat} I also feel that I must go towards the End of the Trail, but I thought that I needed to have some reason for going there.

Eli Perhaps someday the reason will be given. Until then, there is little evidence of what it could be.

Bob {looking confident} The reason we are going there is obvious, we need to find the reason for going there and that can only be found there. {looking confused}

Eli That is too confusing, the going there is my intent and beyond that I don't even want to speculate. I must be off. {walking off to the far right}

Cal {walking off to the far right} Wait up.

Abe They must be crazy, the reason must be known.

{Abe, Bob and Dob walk off the near right}


Scene V introduction of an established group into an uncertain group

Abe - black coat white shoes

Bob - black coat white shoes

Dob - black coat white shoes

Fin - grey

Gil - grey

Hap - grey


{Abe, Bob and Dob enter from the far left and Fin, Gil and Hap are standing in the middle,

looking around whispering to each other. They meet}

Hap {confused} My name is Hap. {pointing out Gil and Hap} Gil, Hap and I are new here, could you give us some help in finding our way.

Abe We have been walking for a long time and we have met many people.

Dob We are walking down this path to the End of the Trail, to discover what is there.

Bob We are hoping that what we find will be beneficial.

Fin {putting on white shoes and stepping out from behind Gil and Hap} I was just telling Gil and Hap that we were going to the End of the Trail.

Hap {putting on white shoes and pulling Fin back and stepping forward} That was not just your idea, we came up with it together.

Gil {putting on a white coat and stepping aside} I don't remember who started it, but the End of the Trail is clearly our goal.

Abe I have never seen it as clear in any way. Why are we here? Why are we going to the End of the Trail? What will we find there?

{Abe, Bob and Dob walk off the near right}

Fin I don't know.

Hap Me neither.

Gil Those questions are unimportant.

{Fin, Gil and Hap continue standing and talking among themselves}


Scene VI meeting of two established groups

Abe - black coat white shoes

Bob - black coat white shoes

Dob - black coat white shoes

Cal - white coat black shoes

Eli - white coat black shoes

Ira - white coat black shoes

Joe - white coat black shoes

Ken - white coat black shoes


{Abe, Bob and Dob enter from the near left and Cal, Ira, Joe and Ken enter from the far left}

Cal {approaches Dob} Dob! It has been a while since I saw you last. {Dob recognizes Cal. The others listen quietly in the background} Eli and I have been joined by several others who have the same beliefs as we. How are you doing now.

Dob We have met some new people and tried to help them as best we could.

Abe They were just standing around talking, I don't think that they are quite ready for the walk yet.

Eli We encountered several people walking alone and these three have joined us. Ira, Ken and Joe. {each nods as his name is spoken} We have enlisted ourselves in the duty of finding some concrete answers about what the End of the Trail is.

Bob We are also looking for the End of the Trail and are expecting to find some answers.

Dob We have concluded that the answers to our questions will be found when we reach the End of the Trail.

Eli That can not be correct. Each of us must know where we are going and why. If we don't, then out lives will not be rewarding.

{Abe and Bob move back, Dob remains they motion to Dob, but he ignores them}

Dob Why are we arguing, if we are only to walk to the End of the Trail, we will know.

Eli No! You are wrong! {Ira, Joe, Ken and Eli rush up to Abe, Bob and Dob and put black shoes on them while Cal stands confused}

Cal What are you doing?

Eli They must do what is right, it is for their best.

Cal {putting on a gray coat} Who are we to decide for them.

{Eli, Ira, Joe, and Ken finish and step back.}

Abe We do not like your idea and we refuse to accept it.

{Abe, Bob and Dob take off the black shoes and through them at the group. Joe and Ken are standing in front and are knocked out.}

Ira You are wrong.

{Abe, Bob and Dob walk off the near right. Cal walks off the far right, still confused. Eli and Ira help Joe and Ken stand back up.}

Eli What have I done. I have brought injury to my friends and caused others to despise me, all because I thought that I was right and they must be wrong.