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The Immediate Family of Katyana Alexis Winchester

Katyana is currently single though she has been married three times, to Liny Arthur, Hassal Curt and Lester Lenson. She has six of her own children; Kimlin, Karothar, Kathanne, Kurt, Kaplen and Karlester, and one, Kip, adopted. Her mother, Kate, and father, Alex, were accused of treason and since then, with the help of Soviet authorities, they have lived happily in Siberia. Katyana's older sister, Marie, bears no resemblance to Alex and because of this many rumors have been spread that Alex is not her father.

Her first husband Liny was a manual pencil sharpener tycoon. When they married on August 1, 1969. she was 16 and he was 49. They had two children, Kimlin and Karothar. Her second husband Hassal was a competing manual pencil sharpener tycoon who had finally succeeded in destroying Liny Arthur's business to win over Katyana. She was 25 and he just turned 39 on the day the were married, February 15, 1978. She acquired two more children, Kathanne and Kurt. She divorced him after he was forced out of business by the sudden arrival of automatic pencil sharpeners. Her third husband, Lester, was nothing like the rest; he was a subway token quality checker for the Arizona subway system. Their wedding was short, he couldn't afford anything more than the twenty-five dollars for a ten minute assembly line Las Vegas wedding on December 25, 1980. They wanted another child but could not afford the hospital costs, so they adopted one, Kip. After winning forty million dollars in the lottery they had two more children, Kaplen and Karlester. She divorced him just last year immediately after he decided to spend all his money to build a subway system to link Omaha and Fresno.

Kimlin is the oldest child. She was born on May 8, 1976 while Katyana was on a yacht bound for the Bermuda Triangle. Karothar was born during trip to Tibet on January 18, 1977. The next child, Kathanne is the only child born in a hospital room. She was born on March 17, 1978. Kurt was born in a submarine while Katyana was on search for Atlantis on June 19, 1979. Kip was adopted at the age approximately one. Since he was found in a drawer at a local furniture supply house, on September 21, 1980, his birth date is not known. Kaplen was born on July 4, 1981 in a small private plane, on the way home immediately after a firework celebration in Mobile. Katyana's last child, Karlester, was born on February 12, 1982 in a small igloo in Alaska.

Alex, Katyana's father used to work for the government in a high position of some super secret organization. Before the government could figure out what had happened he and Kate, Katyana's mother, fled to the Soviet Union. The whole thing started when Katyana's father was on a plane flying through the Middle East. A few hours after leaving Baghdad the plane was hijacked. While in captivity Alex and everyone else on the plane was hypnotised and programmed to report any secret information they found to any government but their own. The captured people were loaded back on the plane and sent on their way. Alex, who was currently the mayor of a small town in North Dakota was given several promotions and eventually became involved with the CIA and then some top secret agency. After several years at his job he suddenly felt the urge to go to Yugoslavia and give them the plans for the super secret agency's new building. His mind went blank and a few months later he found himself and his wife in Siberia.

Marie is a real problem. She was born just eight months after her parents were married. Her hair is a different color than Alex's or Kate's. She is tall and both Kate and Alex are short. Because of this Marie feels alienated from her sister and they rarely see each other. The last time they met was in a small cafe in Hartford. They had a fight and said that they would never talk to each other again. Marie lives in Canada now and is married to her twelfth husband, Mug Hemlock, who has been reported to be associated with the Mafia.